About us

Quality products in synthetic leather, vinyl and leatherette.

Since 1962, Vinyform has offered a full line of premium quality vinyl, leatherette and synthetic leather products
recognized for their durability. From car dealerships to funeral homes, insurance companies to companies from
any field, all trust us for the design and manufacturing of their promotional items.

A manufacturer of personalized vinyl products

No matter your field and your needs, we can create a vinyl or leatherette product based on your specifications.
We bring your wildest dreams to life!
At Vinyform, customer service is our priority. Our team remains at your disposal to advise you and answer all
your questions.

Vinyform: a company that offers luxury vinyl

Always on the lookout for trendy and hot new items, our experts are dedicated to exceed your expectations and
offer you materials that meet the highest standards in the industry, such as luxurious vinyl and premium faux
leather. Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a few samples!