Restaurant menus

Menu and wine menu

We use only top quality materials and state-of-the-art tools to provide you with the most exquisitely
finished menus that perfectly reflect your restaurant's personality. Our wide selection of classic and
contemporary designs includes pop-up menus, letter or legal size menus, metal corner options and

Suede vinyl Menus

Our suede vinyl menus are available in letter or legal size. They feature two large, transparent pockets on
the inside of each cover as well as four center menu pages. Menu covers can be decorated with vinyl strip
with contrasting colors.

Luxury leatherette menus

Our rigid leatherette menus include padded covers, contour stitching and metal corners, these
enhancements provide a truly upscale look. Inner sleeves are included for inserting menu pages. Several
customization options are available, such as embossing, adding a window, clear strips for daily menus or a
dual cover

Wine menu

When designing your menus, the wine menu should not be overlooked. That’s why we offer models to
match you food menus, whether they are made with rigid leatherette, standard suede vinyl or are cleared
windowed. You can count on our team to offer you a wine menu design that matches your selection.

Customized menus finishes

We have mastered the art of finishing menus to fit our customer’s image. We offer hot stamp printing,
embossing, inlay decorative parts, stitching and metal corners. Are you looking for a truly personalized
design? After a detailed analysis of your restaurant’s needs, we can thereafter suggest options which
match with your aspirations.