Binders and Tabs

Personalized Binders

As a specialist in leatherette and vinyl articles, Vinyform designs and manufactures ultra-resistant
binders (also called ring binders) made with top quality materials here in Canada. Our many
customization options (including thickness, material, tabs, sleeves, color and printing) allow us to meet
all business needs.

Vinyl Binders

The vinyl ring binder is a must-have for information assembly, such as company policies, training materials,
projects or samples. D-rings make for easy page turning, while a combination of vinyl colors, silkscreen
printing or hot stamping offers endless possibilities of custom design.

Ring binders with tabs

Colored tabs which are reinforced with plastic are a great tool to organization any documentation inserted into
binders. To further personalize the tabs, we can also print text directly on the tabs as well as on each separator

Presentation style ring binders

Do you want to make information available to your employees or customers? Our display-style vinyl ring
binders are ideal for highlighting schedules, events and other useful information for all to see. The durability of
these binders will help them stand up to everyday use.